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IBHsoftec (Germany) has been working on the market of software products and equipment for industrial process automation for more than 25 years. The main specialization is providing operation of PLC programmable logic controllers and organization of their communication with industrial PCs.

Electronic data processing, due to the use of IBHsoftec developments, received a powerful impetus, making it possible to transfer production processes to a higher level. In terms of real production, this translates into lower production costs, savings in raw materials, and higher profitability of the enterprise.

The Step®5 and Step®7 software systems have been developed in our laboratories and are used in plants all over the world. The company is headquartered in Berfelden, and has sales centers all over the world – in Europe, Asia, and North and Latin America.

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Delivery of products IBH Softec

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    The developments offered by IBH softec can be divided into several large groups. The first is the software that allows the communication of industrial electronics and controllers with MS Windows-based PCs. These are:

    • S5 and S7 for all versions of Windows;
    • OPC servers;
    • Software for PLC S5-943, S5-945, S7-315, S7-416;
    • IBH OPC-server for SCADA communication with PLC SIMATIC;
    • Emulators of programmable controllers.

    The hardware category produces:

    • S5 interfaces;
    • S7 interfaces;
    • S7-PCI315;
    • IBH Link UA quad-core processor;
    • S5/S7 Eprommer;
    • FDT;
    • S7-CX;
    • Accessories – extension cables, power supplies.

    IBH Link S5 provides the ability to record the status of the system, view event logs at any time interval, communicate with SIMATIC online, archive and edit data. Provided the ability to work with oscilloscopes, graphically display the data controller with the possibility of synchronization with previously received data, which is necessary to detect deviations in the work of equipment. In the IBH Link S7 system, the functionality is considerably extended.

    The original development of the company – the CNC system, aimed to simplify the data acquisition from the Siemens PLC controllers without interfering with the settings and installation of the device. The Siemens S7++ adapter opens up the possibility to manage and receive data from the controller without using the Ethernet network, but using a simple router or VPN. Another system adapter, IBH Link S7++, works on a similar principle, allowing you to connect the PLC directly to the computer network card without using the cumbersome scheme of working via Ethernet.

    This adapter is designed for the connection of PLCs of the S7 400®, S7 200® or S7 300® series. IBH Link S7++ HS modification is mounted on DIN rail and enables operation on PROFIBUS DP up to 12 Mbit/s or on PPI and MPI. Set of functions of the adapter is wide enough. In particular, it provides:

    • configuration via web browser;
    • Configuring via NetPro;
    • time synchronization;
    • support for 64-bit versions of Windows 8 and 10;
    • S7 routing via RFC1006;
    • bus profile detection in automatic mode;
    • TIA integration.

    These and other features make it easier and cheaper to transmit data flow and manage complex equipment in real time, which is very important for fast-moving processes. The IBH Net driver, which reduces database access using the popular Visual Basic or Delphi programming languages, is attracting the attention of industrial automation engineers. The configuration of automatic control systems in this case is greatly simplified.